Calendars Info

Google Apps for Education

At Blanket ISD, we utilize Google’s Apps for Education program for our email and calendar systems.  We have created public calendars for Blanket ISD News, Athletics, and AG information.  This data is automatically aggregated to the various pages of the Blanket ISD Website.  You can also subscribe to these calendars from your smart phone or PC.  Below is technical information on subscribing to the calendar/calendars of your choice.


iPhone Instructions:

There are a few steps you will have to do for each calendar you want to add.  These are the links you need to add to your subscribed calendars on an iPhone:

Blanket ISD Public Calendar

Blanket Athletics Calendar

Blanket AG Science Calendar

On each link, you want to do a long-press and when prompted, you want to Copy.

To add the calendar that you just copied, go to Settings App > Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

You want to Add Account, the type is Other.

The Account type that you want is to Add Subscribed Calendar.

It will ask you for a “Server” and this is where you want to long-press so that you can Paste in the URL that we copied earlier.  Hit Done and you’re done!


Android Instructions

Blanket ISD Public Calendar

Blanket Athletics Calendar

Blanket AG Science Calendar

If you have an Android phone, the process is a little different as the Calendar is tied to the Google account you used to set up the phone.  When you click on the following Calendar Links, you can add the calendar to your google account by clicking the “+ google calendar” button at the bottom right hand side of the calendar.  This can be done via your phone or pc or tablet.  It will ask you to log into your google account, so specify your gmail username and password that is linked to your phone.  It will take you to your calendars and confirm that you want to Add this Calendar.

After completing this step, the last step to get your Calendars to show on your phone’s calendar app is dependent on which Calendar App you are using.  I downloaded the official Google Calendar app from the Google Play store and the new calendars automatically displayed.  On a different Calendar App on my phone, I had to go into the Settings and put a check mark beside the new calendars to get them to display.



As we update these calendars throughout the year, your phone should automatically sync and get the changes.