Bad Weather Day Update

The school calendar has been changed to account for the Bad Weather days that were taken before spring break.  Friday, April 3, 2015 will be an Early Release day.  School will be let out at 12:15 PM.  This change has been made in the Blanket ISD Public Calendar.

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Blanket Golf Teams District Winners

First Place Golfers

Blanket ISD is proud to recognize our Golfers.  Both Girls and Boys teams came back from Par Country Club with District Championships.  More information can be found on our ATHLETICS PAGE.

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Principal Position Posted

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user Melissa Collins

Blanket ISD has posted it’s job opening for Principal on the Employment page.  Go HERE for more information.

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March Athletics Calendar Update

The Blanket High School Track Meet has been cancelled due to weather considerations.  This information has been updated on the Calendar.  Also, due to the School Cancellations in the last few weeks, our scheduled “Bad Weather Days” on April 3 and May 8 will be regular school days.  These corrections will be made on the BISD-Public calendar.

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March Calender update

First, we would like to recognize our Basketball teams for their effort this season.  We are very proud of all of our Basketball players.

Secondly, there has been a recent change that you should notice in the Athletics Schedule.  The Junior High Track Meet scheduled for Monday, March 2nd has been cancelled due to weather.  Please be aware of this change.

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